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Will we Finally get Reform of Disability Services at Toronto Pearson International Airport?

For those of us with disabilities who travel through Toronto Pearson Airport, hearing that violinist Itzhak Perlman was treated without respect or dignity came as no surprise. The surprise was that treating us like cattle or cargo hasn’t received media attention before now.

One has to only look at the comments that this news story generated to find those of us who are treated without dignity and respect.

Activist Launches Accessibility Audit of Businesses; Posts Results Online

Accessibility audit

Nick Wendler has experienced the challenges of getting around Waterloo in a wheelchair for years. Many businesses in the uptown have stairs that make it impossible for him to enter their stores without assistance. The owners of Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21 have purchased a removable ramp to make their restaurant more accessible.

ByDianne Wood

Government Not Enforcing Disabilities Act, Says Advocate

Jacqueline Coyne sits outside of Cose Belle Gifts and Unique Shop at 380 Ouellette Ave.
Friday, May 3, 2013.

Coyne says she was refused service by the business owner because she uses a motorized wheelchair. (DYLAN KRISTY/The Windsor Star)
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May 05, 2013
Last Updated: May 06, 2013

An Ontario disability advocate says a downtown Windsor store that allegedly restricted access to
people in wheelchairs may be breaking the law.

Enforcing the IASR Transportation Standards: Where do we go for help?

There was a recent post on the Enforcement Blog about Barrie Transit and how people with disabilities are asked to move from the seating area designated for people with disabilities if someone with a stroller or grocery cart enters the vehicle.

In the area of accessibility, an analogy to how curb cuts in sidewalks is always made to show how people without disabilities can benefit from accessibility features designed for people with disabilities.

The Difference Customer Service Training Makes

Usually I’m writing about the misadventures of Para transit in the County of Brant. This article is more positive!

I recently attended a day long workshop at the University of Toronto hosted by the Heritage Fund and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Although I’d attended the University of Toronto, I’d never been to Hart House. I know, hard to imagine.